How API benefits you?


With our API, computers rather than people can manage the work. Through APIs, Our clients can update work flows to make them quicker and more productive.


When access is provided to a client using our API, the insights generated can be published automatically and is available for every channel. It allows it to be shared and distributed more easily.


APIs allow content to be embedded from any site or application more easily. This guarantees more fluid information delivery and an integrated user experience.


When working with this technology, data migration is supported better, and the information is reviewed more closely. In short, APIs make service provision more flexible.

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Faster, Smarter, Better: Survey Success Automated

APIs can enhance every step of the survey process – and plenty of your other workflows, too!

  • Expand the capabilities of your current CRM or LMS with integrated forms and assessments that match your own brand.

  • Automatically collect data from each submitted survey or assessment and send it directly to your preferred tracking or analysis tools.

  • Export contact lists to your event planning or performance evaluation apps to streamline set-up and distribution.

  • Share real-time survey statistics with your organization-wide dashboards and productivity tools so you know what’s getting done when.

  • Pull shareable survey URLs to enable data collection through your customer support systems, measuring what matters most.

  • Automate survey invitation delivery when the right conditions are triggered – completion of a webinar or training or closure of a support case.